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  Wellness Genetics - Defining Normal Heredity


Wellness Genetics targets the impact your heredity has on normal everyday functions. Instead of identifying the risk of medical problems and disease, Wellness Genetics gives us insight into how genes relate to behavior, personality, weight loss, sex, mental acuity and athletics. Knowing our heredity opens new opportunities to change and adjust our environment. Less guessing about what might work means more control and happiness.  
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MyGene - Unifying what you are with who you are!
MyGene DaVinci opens new perspectives on who you really are. It provides the kind of control that makes a difference. Our DNA influences our strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge translates into the chance to a dramatically improve our lives. With over 50 traits in the profile, a simple cheek swab not only highlights core strengths and weaknesses, it lets each of us figure out specific lifestyle adjustments that can enhance our strengths and offset or negate our weaknesses. MyGene provides focus. Stop guessing. MyGene is an easy way to learn who we are, and why we are what we are.


The first human genetics application to solve non-medical social problems

Wellness Genetics helps young single moms find their path to education, jobs and great parenting.


 AlphaGenics Trait List  


Some of the gene traits that are being tested

Altruism and social orientation
Caffeine metabolism
Cognitive Function
Dance creativity
Delayed sleep
Evening person
Earwax Type
Learning from Mistakes
Friendship and political ideology
Higher BMI
Impulsive behavior
Knee Strength
Morning person
Muscle strength
Partisanship voting
Physical Performance/Endurance
Resiliency to stress
Sexual behavior
Sugar intake
Voting and Religious attendance
Weight control
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